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Track and Optimize
Key Tools

• Google Analytics
• Social Engagement Tracking
• Call Tracking
• Form Submissions
• Subscribers
• "Opt In" Email and List Development
• Mobile Apps.

When you start analyzing what marketing works and stop guessing, you dramatically increase your returns. URWA Consulting will implement a process that ensures you have the right information to confidently and successfully manage your entire marketing effort.

Do you confidently know how to invest your marketing dollars to generate a return for your business? You can’t invest your marketing dollars wisely unless you know understand how your marketing is working. Ideally, the financial returns from all forms of media would be precisely calculated. The reality is that there are multiple, and usually imperfect, ways to measure the impact of your marketing. Yet, you must have track the success of your marketing investments. Once you start learning how you are performing throughout your customer’s buying cycle, you can begin to improve your results.